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The Display Copies Program:

What is the Display Copies Program?


Display Copies is an online bookselling project, with several years of success. Simply put, ABE picks up (or you ship ) your leftover Display Copies from any conference to our Alexandria headquarters where we promptly add them to our online inventory for resale.


The system is transparent and lends itself easily to audit verification. Publishers are an equal partner in the revenue generated.

  • ABE receives your conference inventory

  • ABE manages the on-line sales for you

  • At the end of each month, total net sales are calculated

  • You receive:

    • A Check for 50% of that monthly amount

    • An itemized sales report

download (6).jpg
  • Inventory management

  • ABE handles all sales and customer service

  • You save on shipping / handling costs

  • You save on re-stocking fee expenses

  • Eliminates questions, hassles and low-end price competition

  • Books are listed at a competitive price point in relation to other available copies

  • You receive higher dollar return over time

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