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Association Membership Virtual Bookstore

The Association Membership Virtual Bookstore program is a new platform provided by ABE, where publishers, authors and editors can directly sell to members of associations who have partnered with us to create this unique member exclusive opportunity. 

  • What does an Association Membership Virtual Bookstore Provide?
    A platform that directly links any group or organization active in a field that is supported by a large body of academic / professional literature directly to publishers who serve that audience. Provides comprehensive access for association members to a full list of selected titles by every participating publisher to all association members.
  • What are the benefits?
    A direct selling platform that eliminates third party sellers. Increased margins go straight to the bottom line. Traceable / trackable / quantifiable orders are processed directly by the publishers. Coming soon, run ads or reviews of forthcoming / bestselling titles. Your published member authors are recognized and featured in a section devoted exclusively to them. Affordable and easy
  • What is the cost?
    We propose to do this for a cost comparable to or lower than industry standard rates for in-person exhibits. See pricing menu below. First month is offered on a no charge trial basis. Opt out without cost or penalty. Subscription begins on month two at the following rates: 6 month rate = $3.00 /​ per month, per title 12 month rate = $29.00 /​ per month, per title
  • How do customers purchase my book/s?
    Purchases are redirected from the Members Virtual Bookstore book title page to your publisher or distributor check out webpage. For example - a customer / member will click on their book title of interest, decide to purchase the book by clicking on the "Purchase Now" button, then will be redirected to that book titles "check out webpage" (via the weblink you provide when creating the book titles listing). The final purchase and shipping happens directly through you.
  • What information is needed to create a book title listing?
    When you select your subscribed Members Virtual Bookstore from the side bar, you will need to follow the prompts to complete each of your listings. It is strongly encouraged that you complete all content fields (see list of fields below). - Book Title - Author/s, Editor/s - Publication date - Book cover photos, and preview page/s - Book description - Book List Price and Discounted Price (if you are providing a discount, provide a discount code to be entered at checkout by the customer) - Promo Codes (this will help you track which sales are being directed to you from the AMVB site) - Select Topic Areas relevant to your book title (when applicable) - Book cover type (i.e., paperback, hardback, bound) - Weblink to the book title's "checkout" page on YOUR publisher or distributor webpage (this is used for purchasing) - Other information you may want to add which is relevant to the book title
  • Benefits to Members:
    Members get a chance to browse and buy directly from publishers who offer these books at discounted rates designed to beat prices available through any other online sellers. Published members of the sponsoring organization are recognized and featured in a section devoted exclusively to them. Additional membership benefits include, but are not limited to: - best price guarantee - content input continuously encouraged through member engagement

Association Membership Virtual Bookstores

The Urban Affairs Association:

Association Membership Virtual Bookstore.

Your first month is free, payment will be processed at the start of month two. 

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